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How to take a child’s fingerprint in putty

The fingerprint impression kit we provide is very easy to use – however, getting your child to willingly participate in the process can be tricky! Firstly, we recommend carefully reading through the leaflet provided with the impression kit and following the link below and scrolling down to the videos for a clear demonstration.


It’s best to take prints at a table so you can press against the surface, but if getting your child to stay still is difficult, taking the print when your child is asleep may prove to be the best option. If this is the case, instead of using a table, press against something hard like a book.

It could be easier if your child is in a car seat- again use the book or something similar as a surface to press against.

Make sure that your child has clean hands, short nails, and that their hands aren’t too dry. If you’re having trouble getting a defined fingerprint, rub a little moisturiser onto the finger- this will help to get that clean impression and ensure that no putty sticks to the finger.

When mixing the white and blue putty together, make sure to mix well and blend completely so that there are no white streaks.

Work fast but don’t panic! Once the putty has been blended, you have approx. 50 seconds before the putty starts to set. It’s best to try and distract a difficult child with an item they’re not normally allowed to hold (i.e. your phone, a remote control, or some sweets) in the hand that you’re not taking the impression from.

To get the clearest impression, make sure the finger is flat and that it makes a deep impression, about two thirds the depth of the putty. Don’t worry about catching the finger joint lines in the mould. These can often enhance the print and add a lovely detail, especially for younger children or babies.

Check your finished moulds before sending them back to us. Because we cast directly from the moulds, any ripples or irregular shapes will be picked up! If you are at all dissatisfied with your impressions, you can always order more kits here.