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Some unusual prints..!

Here at Button and Bean, we know you love your pets. We do a huge amount of cat and dog paw prints on cufflinks and charms, and plenty of pendants and bracelets too! We’ve even made a charm from the print of a dog’s nose. We’re also very open to some more unusual pet requests.. so if you can get the print, we can make the product! Here are a few of our favourite pieces we’ve made over the years.

For this unusual request, we were asked to cast a bird’s print! The bird in question was a tame magpie that belonged to our customer’s brother in Singapore. The cufflinks the print featured on turned out really well and made a real statement!

We took a call a couple of years ago. The man on the end of the phone wanted to order a special pair of cufflinks. Nothing unusual there. I chatted with him about how to take the print before asking how old the child was…”eh, not child but a gorilla” he answered. The call was from Adrian on behalf of Howletts Wild Animal Park, Kent, and they wanted the fingerprint of Emmie their 19 year old Gorilla on a pair of cufflinks as a retirement present for their Chairman.

Needless to say Emmie was very interested in the process and with a bit of persuasion copied her keeper taking a print. They very kindly sent us a photo of Emmie with head keeper Phil Ridges having a wrestle after taking the fingerprints. To find out more about the amazing conservation work done by the Aspinall Foundation, or to visit the wildlife park visit http://www.aspinallfoundation.org/


Feeling inspired to personalise some pet themed jewellery of your own? Here’s the link to our specialised pet print collection. However, if what you see doesn’t take your fancy, remember that we can use your pet’s prints instead of a hand or footprint with anything from our print collection.