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Multi Hand and Foot Print Cufflinks


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Trusted for 15+ Years

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Hand prints, foot prints, paw prints and names – all crafted on to classic silver oval cuff links. The double sides give you four faces to personalise – each can display a print accompanied with a name or use one for a simple message or text.

The perfect gift solution for a man with a big family – or a gorgeous way to have each hand and foot for a single child. The combinations are up to you but whatever you chose the result will be a delighted Dad, Grandad, husband or partner.

For a milestone birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas why not use one face for a 3-4 word message to make the occasion especially memorable.

Beautifully packaged in our stylish branded grey boxes.

Product ID: 301

Sterling Silver

Approx size: 2 x 2 cm

How we'll make your jewellery...

  • Impression kit will be sent out when we receive your order
  • Scan and email or post back the impressions
  • Work will start on your order on receipt of useable prints

Once you have taken the prints, or if you already have a copy of the prints, simply take a photo and upload them using our Uploader on the site.

This item is completely handmade with the impression cast in silver before it goes into the kiln.

At Button and Bean, we strive to offer excellent products and customer service. We want every one of our customers to be thrilled with their purchase from us.

We know how special each keepsake piece is, which is why we are committed to each piece of jewellery having a guarantee for up to one year from the date of purchase.

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