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Women’s Personalised Fingerprint Friendship Bracelet

A women's friendship bracelet with a personalised fingerprint button fastening. Coordinate with the Men’s Personalised Fingerprint Friendship Bracelet.


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Trusted for 15+ Years

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This woven nylon wrap bracelet in shades of black, white and grey is accompanied by a single dainty bead inscribed with your loved one’s fingerprint contained in a heart.

To personalise further, don’t forget to add a short sentimental message or words of your choice for the reverse of the sterling silver, fingerprint bead.

Men’s version also available.

Gift packed in our stunning grey boxes with gold ribbon.18.94

Product ID: 4756


Sterling Silver



Silver button fastening H11 x W11 x D5mm

Strap thickness 4mm

Available in 3 sizes, Extra Small 16cm, Small 17cm & Medium 18cm and cannot be adjusted.

  • The quality of the fingerprint engraving will be dependent on the detail captured in the print you provide. An example of a good quality print can be found in the fingerprint instructions and product listing.
  • If you are unsure whether or not you will be able to capture a detailed print, we recommend having a go at taking your print first before purchasing.
  • It is possible to work from fingerprints taken using a different technique, or that have been provided by a funeral service – all we ask is the image of the fingerprint is high resolution. If you are unsure about the fingerprint you have, please feel free to drop us a message with an image of the print and we will happily check it for you.
  • For children under 12 months we recommend looking directly at your little ones finger to see how developed the fingerprint is. If you cannot see much detail, you may prefer to wait a few more months before going ahead with your purchase.
  • All fingerprints are checked before jewellery production begins and so you will be contacted if we feel we cannot work from the print.

At Button and Bean, we strive to offer excellent products and customer service. We want every one of our customers to be thrilled with their purchase from us.

We know how special each keepsake piece is, which is why we are committed to each piece of jewellery having a guarantee for up to one year from the date of purchase.

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