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Button and Bean

Our Fingerprint Styles

Button and Bean was born 15 years ago, since then our products have evolved and progressed to offer you multiple styles of fingerprint.

We began with cast fingerprints which are taken from a mould then completely handmade and cast into silver. Letters can also be hand stamped into the silver before it’s put in the kiln. The way we do this is by sending you an impression kit, which you then take the fingerprints in putty and send it back to us. The end product forms a beautiful charm with the fingerprint appearing as if it was pressed into the silver.

More recently, we discovered a new way of taking fingerprints.. all you need is a pencil and some cellotape. We have two ways in which we make these prints into jewellery. First option, stamp fingerprints which are cast by hand. A mould is made from the cellotape fingerprint to cast into silver for an organic look and feel. Second option, laser prints. A very fast method of creating fingerprint jewellery, so if you’re in a rush.. we’ve got your back! All we do is take your cellotape print, edit the print file to take a section and laser it into sterling silver then it’s ready to post. The laser creates a stylised print with a flatter surface than our other styles.

Click this link & scroll down for videos on how to take fingerprints:


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