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Button and Bean

Paw Print Jewellery

Calling all pet lovers, this one’s for those special furry friends!

Our gorgeous line of paw print jewellery to keep your fur-baby close to your heart. A reminder of the love and connection you share, the perfect gift for any pet parent. We have range of delicate paw print pieces that would make a stunning yet sentimental addition to your jewellery collection.

You might be wondering how we turn a paw print into jewellery… It’s simple! All you have to do is send your cat or dogs paw print, either one you already have (can be a good photo) or one taken using our simple print kit. It’s an ink-free, easy and entirely safe method of taking prints, then you just upload the image of your print and we’ll take it from there!

Shop Paw Prints here https://www.buttonandbean.co.uk/shop/hand-foot-paw-prints

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