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Birth Flower Necklaces

Did you know that you have a birth flower? Most people know their birth stone, and we’ve never met anyone that doesn’t know their star sign. Birth flowers are less well known, and (we think) all the more special because of that! Each month has a birth flower, with its own unique meaning.

So how do you know which flower represents your birth month.. And what does it mean?


So, What is Your Birth Flower?

Your birth flower is simply the flower that represents your birth month. They are generally the flower that is in season during the month. This means wearing your birth flower as jewellery can really help ground you and bring you closer to nature. Here is a handy list of the months, the flower that represents the month, and the meaning behind it.

January: snowdrop, meaning purity
February: wild violet, representing loyalty
March: daffodil, symbolising new beginnings
April: daisy, representing innocence
May: lily of the valley, meaning happiness
June: wild rose, symbolising love
July: waterlily, representing peace
August: poppy, for remembrance
September: morning glory, meaning affection
October: marigold, representing optimism
November: chrysanthemum, for friendship
December: holly, symbolising luck




What Does Your Birth Month Flower Mean?

Let’s talk about the deeper meanings of birth flowers. You may be surprised by how much a flower can symbolise.

The Snowdrop represents birthdays in January
The snowdrop is the ultimate symbol of purity, with pure white blooms in an elegant droplet shape.

The Wild Violet represents birthdays in February
Wild violet’s beautiful purple flowers have five smoothly rounded petals, which symbolise loyalty and faithfulness.

The Daffodil represents birthdays in March
The life-affirming daffodil symbolises the joy of new beginnings and the hope of a fresh start.

The Daisy represents birthdays in April
The tiny daisy symbolises innocence, with delicate white petals unfurling in the sunshine to reveal a golden heart.

Lily of the Valley represents birthdays in May
Lily of the valley, also known as “May Bells”, symbolises happiness, with delicate bell-shaped flowers.

The Wild Rose represents birthdays in June
The wild rose represents love. These intricately layered romantic blooms are often considered the queen of flowers.

The Water Lily represents birthdays in July
The water lily, also known as the lotus flower, floats gently on the water, making it a beautiful symbol of peace.

The Poppy represents birthdays in August
The vibrant poppy symbolises remembrance, for the strongest love that is immortal.

The Morning Glory represents birthdays in September
The morning glory symbolises affection, as its flowers blossom in the morning and fade away by nightfall.

The Marigold represents birthdays in October
The golden marigold symbolises optimism and positive energy, because of its resemblance to the sun.

The Chrysanthemum represents birthdays in November
The chrysanthemum symbolises friendship, and was giving during Victorian times to show camaraderie and kind wishes.

Holly represents birthdays in December
Holly is known to symbolise good luck, and has traditionally been associated with protection too.


How to Wear Your Birth Flower

Wearing your birth flower on a necklace is a lovely way to personalise your jewellery, and makes a real talking point. Of course, birth flower pendants make a perfect birthday gift. They are also ideal christening, confirmation or graduation presents, helping you give a meaningful gift to mark a very special occasion. A personalised birth flower pendant is a present she’ll treasure through the years.

It can even be gifted to young children, for their parents to keep safe until they are old enough to appreciate it.


How to Personalise Your Flower Jewellery

Button and Bean create beautiful birth flower necklaces with pendants that you can
personalise with your own unique message or date. Choose from 18 carat gold-plated
and silver birth flower pendants, each engraved with a hand-drawn flower. Each
flower pendant arrives in a gift box, complete with a beautiful card that explains the
meaning behind it.

Giving a birth flower necklace is the perfect way to give the beauty of flowers, that
are everlasting.



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