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Taking prints


This video will show you how to use our putty impression kits to capture a beautifully detailed imprint. This type of fingerprint is used in items such as our Silver Heart or Circle Fingerprint Charm where the fingerprint is cast into silver and appears to have been pressed into the silver itself. We cast directly from the moulds you send us, so there is no resizing involved. Please
keep in mind that it might take a few days for the impression kits to be sent back and forth, especially if you live overseas.

Hand and feet and paw prints

This video will show you how to use our non-toxic inkless wipes to take hand or foot or paw prints. It may take a few days for our print kits (including the wipes and specialised paper) to be sent to you, but if you are in a hurry, the prints can be scanned digitally and emailed over to us – helpful if you live overseas! If you have any pre-existing prints, such as those done with ink, we can use those too, depending on the quality. We use these kinds of prints for products like our Print Sculpted Charm Necklace.

Ink prints

These prints can be done immediately at home and don’t require us sending anything for you to use and so can be emailed over to us immediately. We use this type of print to get a stylized impression that can be resized and enlarged to fit the charm on the jewellery, creating a beautifully detailed piece using a zoomed-in section of the print, such as in our Silver Fingerprint Stamp Charm Necklace. Written instructions on how to take the print can be found here Pencil Print instructions